About Us

Our elegant brass hardware is completely handmade, using precise, labor intensive, time-honored casting methods. This is done one at a time or in small batches of 2 to 8 pieces. First, a model of each piece is carefully carved from hardwood. Next, a metal mold is created from that model and is placed in a two piece box containing moist casting sand. The mold creates a perfectly shaped cavity into which molten brass is poured, forming an exact copy of the original model. Once it has cooled, each casting is completed with simple hand tools and a 5-part finishing process is done resulting in a final piece that reflects its unique melding of traditional craftsmanship and modern creativity.

We also offer a custom service for clients wishing to modify an existing product or develop their own design, we will provide pricing quotes, dimensions, and request any other information necessary to your specific project or design.

We offer a range of display boards for your showroom, or we can provide selected hardware pieces to make your own custom displays.


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